A Foolproof Guide To Purchasing a Gaming PC

If one of your greatest passions is spending time gaming on a PC and you’re tempted to treat yourself to a brand new gaming PC, you may be struggling to find the perfect gaming PC to splash your cold hard cash on. If you’re unsure of how to about selecting the perfect gaming PC for your needs, simply continue reading to discover a fool proof guide to purchasing a gaming PC.

A fool proof guide to purchasing a gaming PC:

Consider gaming PC backgrounds:

One of your first considerations should be to narrow down your list of PC brands to brands which have an established history of releasing gaming PCs which feature impressive specs. As some PC companies such as Alienware have an established reputation for releasing impressive gaming PCs. That have the processing power to run the latest PC games. Some of which can’t be played on cheap gaming PCs.

Purchase a gaming PC at the top of your allocated budget:

If you spend a few hours per day gaming, it’s well worth maxing out your budget in order to be able to purchase a gaming PC that offers a grungy processing system, adequate storage and a decent graphics card. As the more expensive gaming PCs are the better specs they boast.

Consider purchasing last season’s highest rated gaming PC:

If you don’t have the disposable income which you’d need to purchase one of the top rated gaming PCs from this season, you may want to consider purchasing one of last season’s highest rated gaming PC’s on sale. As it will still be far more powerful than a cheap gaming PC which has just been released.

Try to purchase your gaming PC during a major sale:

In order to save several hundred dollars, it’s an extremely smart move to purchase your new gaming PC during a significant sale. As an example you can’t go wrong choosing to splurge on a brand new gaming PC during a black Friday sale, a Memorial Day sale or a Christmas sale. So if you’re not in an urgent rush to purchase a gaming PC, you may want to wait to buy your new gaming PC until there is a significant sale on.

Join a gaming forum to discover a few gamer approved reccomendations:

To discover other gamers honest gaming PC recommendations, it’s a wise move to join a gaming forum. As you’ll be able to hear about the PC models which gamers rave about as well as the PC models which you may want to avoid wasting your hard earned money on.

Search for YouTube reviews:

It’s also a great idea to search YouTube for unbiased reviews on some of your short list of gaming PCs. As you’ll quickly be able to learn about the pros and cons of each gaming PC without having to read through countless written reviews about the PCs which you’re interested in purchasing for yourself.

So if you’re a keen gaming and love nothing more than beating your friends at your favorite PC games, it’s well worth using the fool proof guide listed above in order to select the ideal gaming PC for your needs.

A Gamer’s Guide To Playing Mechwarrior Tactics

If you’re keen to start playing Mechwarrior Tactics and are looking for a comprehensive guide that will help you pick up Mechwarrior Tactic’s gameplay and strategies. Which should increase your chances of being able to win your very first Mechwarrior Tactics battle.

A gamer’s guide to playing Mechwarrior Tactics:

It is set in the Battletech universe:

Mechwarrior Tactics is part of the well established game Mechwarrior franchise and is set in the BattleTech universe. Which you may find familiar if you’ve played a previous Mechwarrior title.

It features turn based gameplay:

At its heart Mechwarrior Tactics is a turn based battle game, which will pit you against other opponents in fast paced player vs player battles. During each round both you and your opponent will get to use four different battle mechanisms. After which both of your actions will take place simultaneously. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to respond to any attacks which your opponent has launched against your team, until the next round. If you love strategy games that encourage you to test out different strategies it’s well worth giving Mechwarrior Tactics a go.

The loser is the first player to lose all of their battle tech:

The aim of each battle is to cause your opponent to lose all of their battle tech, while hanging to hold on to at least one piece of battle tech. Keep in mind that at the start of each battle you’ll start of with four pieces of battle tech.

Each game will be played on a 3D isometric grid:

Each game takes place on a 3D isometric grid. Each of the grid pieces on your game board will represent a different terrain. As examples, some grids will represent forests, while other grids will represent water. Each terrain features different advantages and disadvantages, so it pays to be extremely strategic when it comes to moving your pieces of battle tech around your battle board.

Mechwarrior Tactics was inspired by the popular BattleTech Collectible Card Game:

If you’re lucky enough to have played the BattleTech Collectible Card Game you should immediately notice a lot of similarities between the BattleTech card game which you used to play at Mechwarrior Tactics. Just like in the card game, Mechwarrior Tactics boasts different weapons, upgrades and pilots, which you should aim to collect.

Weapons can over heat:

Make sure not to overuse your weapons as doing so can cause your weapons to overheat. If your weapons overheat you’ll have to wait for a cool down period, before you’ll be able to use them again. So think carefully before you start using your primary weapons against your opponent. As an example if you try to attack an opponent which is not located on the section of the map, which you suspected they would travel to, you may cause your weapons to overheat for no reason.

Regardless of whether or not you played one of the original Mechwarrior titles or the BattleTech Collectible Card Game, if you enjoy playing games which make you think about your strategies, it’s well worth playing Mechwarrior Tactics!

Fun Party Games To Play At Your Next Party

If you’re planning on hosting a house party and are struggling to come up with fun party games to play, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a list of social party games that your friends will love.

Fun party games to play at your next party:

The ibble dibble game:

If you’re looking for a fun drinking game to play that is easy to learn but a lot of fun to play with a group of friends, it’s well worth teaching your friends how to play the ibble dibble game. To play you’ll need a cork, matches or a lighter and enough alcohol to pour several shots for each of your friends.


Psychiatrist is a guessing game, where one individual is named the psychiatrist. The rest of the individuals in the room, need to write their name on a piece of paper and put their piece of paper in a bowl or hat. After which each individual will pull out a name from the hat and act as if they were the individual whose name is written down on their piece of paper. It is then the psychiatrist’s job to ask each individual questions to see if they can correctly guess who each individual is pretending to be.

If you’re looking for a party game that will have your party guests in fits of laughter it’s well worth playing psychiatrist. As each member of your group tries to imitate the voice and mannerisms of another member of party.

Two truths and a lie:

Do you think that you can accurately guess when you’re being told a little white lie? In two truths and a lie, each player will take it in turns to tell two truths and a lie, in any order. The rest of the group must then decide which of their three statements is a lie. If you think that you can successfully fool your friends without getting caught, it’s well worth playing a few rounds of two truths and a lie at your next house party.

Ice cube:

In ice cube your party guests will be challenged to melt a single ice cube as quickly as possible. The catch is that your friends aren’t allowed to use their mouths or to stomp on their ice cubes. Players are also banned from using any equipment to melt their ice cubes. The fastest play to successfully melt their ice cube wins.

Beer pong:

If you have a high alcohol tolerance or boast great hand eye co-ordination you should have no trouble winning a few games of beer pong. Although if your friends enjoying drinking other types of alcohol such as wine or spirits, you can also experiment with playing with using different types of alcohol instead of beer. Especially if some of your friends have strong preferences when it comes to consuming alcohol.

So if you’re looking forward to hosting your friends for a fun night of party games and alcohol, it’s a great idea to test out all of the hilarious social games which are listed above!

A Guide to Playing Castle Creeps

If you enjoy playing fast paced tower defence games, you may be interested in downloading and playing Castle Creeps. To learn everything which you need to know about playing Castle Creeps, continue reading to discover a simple guide to playing Castle Creeps.

Castle Creeps Wiki: Everything That You Need to Know About Playing Castle Creeps

It offers fast paced gameplay:

During each level you’ll be challenged to build brand new buildings at the same time as you repair damaged buildings and deploy your heroes to attack your enemies. So if you enjoy playing games which challenge you to think fast and to come up with effective strategies, it’s well worth downloading and playing Castle Creeps.

New heroes and villians are added to Castle Creeps on a regular basis:

You’ll never get stuck having to choose from the same selection of heroes as the creators of Castle Creeps add brand new heroes to Castle Creeps on a regular basis. So there will always be new, powerful characters to collect. As well as adding new heroes to the game, the creators of Castle Creeps also add brand new villains to the game on a regular basis, who you’ll be able to take on in head to head battles, in order to win lucrative prizes. Some examples of some of the villains who you’ll face include oversized ogres, menacing warlords and mischievous goblins.

You’ll get to choose which of your heroes you’d like to level up:

As you progress through Castle Creeps’ levels you’ll be rewarded with in game points which you’ll be able to use to level up your favorite heroes. Whether you choose to spend all of your points on a single hero or you’d prefer to power up several of your heroes is up to you.

It features crisp, high quality graphics:

One reason why Castle Creeps stands out against its competition is that it offers crisp, high quality graphics. That make playing Castle Creeps a pleasure. So if you don’t enjoy playing casual games which feature low quality graphics, you won’t be disappointed downloading Castle Creeps.

There are over 100 different levels to unlock:

Another reason why so many casual gamers love playing Castle Creeps is that there are over 100 unique levels to unlock and more levels are added to Castle Creep son a regular basis. So you won’t have to worry about getting addicted to playing Castle Creeps, only to run out of levels to play.

It offers challenging gameplay:

If you’ve played and downloaded castle defence games which are too easy and offer little challenge, you’ll love the fact that Castle Creeps requires skill and strategy to beat. Especially once you complete the first 50 levels of Castle Creeps. So if you’ve been playing tower defence games for several years you should find Castle Creeps suitably challenging.

You’ll be able to add your Facebook friends:

In order to gain exclusive power ups it’s well worth using Facebook to add your real life friends on Castle Creeps.

So if you like the sound of Castle Creeps’ gameplay and features, it’s well worth downloading Castle Creeps yourself, so that you can see what all the fuss is about.

How To Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

If you’d love to turn your home into a smart home, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few smart tech tips that will help you transform your ordinary home into a futuristic smart home.

How to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home: Tech Tips for Your Home

Install a smart doorbell outside your home’s front entrance:

If you hate trying to guess whose knocking at your door, you can’t go wrong installing a smart doorbell which features a built in HD camera, outside your home. As that way, when someone rings your doorbell you’ll be able to access the camera outside your home via your smart phone. So you won’t have to open your front door unless you know the individual whose standing outside your home. Most smart doorbells also boast a built in microphone, so you’ll be able to hear the voice of the individual whose standing outside your home.

Purchase a smart speaker for your home:

It’s also well worth purchasing a small speaker such as the Amazon Echo, which will allow you to play specific songs, check the weather forecast and ring your friends, without having to touch a smart device. As you’ll be able to use your smart speakers voice recognition system in order to give voice commands. Which is incredibly convenient. If you purchase smart light bulbs, you’ll also be able to turn the lights in your home on and off using voice commands. Just imagine how much simpler it will be to turn your lounge’s lights off from your sofa, when you want to watch a movie.

Purchase a smart light dimmer for your home:

You can even go a step further and purchase a smart light dimmer for your home, that you’ll be able to control using a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo. So if you’d love to be able to dim your lights instead of having your lights off or on full beam, it’s well worth shopping around for a smart light dimmer for your home.

Get your hands on a self watering planter box:

If you find it difficult to keep your house plants alive, it’s well worth investing in a self watering planter box. Which will water your plants, when you forget to. You can also place a self watering planter box in your kitchen in order to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen with little to no fuss.

A trash can which features a motion sensor:

Imagine walking up to your trash can and having it’s lid open for you without you having to touch your trash can. If you love the idea of living in a home with features a trash can with a built in motion sensor, it’s definitely worth purchasing your very first motion activated trash can.

So if you’ve been looking for innovative ways to use technology to turn your home into a smart home, it’s well worth purchasing a couple of the innovative gadgets which are listed above.

Smart Tips for PC Users

As chances are high that you’ll use your laptop or PC on a daily basis, it’s important to take precautions to stay safe online and to search for tips to help you make the most of your PC. To discover a few smart tips for PC users simply continue reading.

Smart Tips for PC Users:

Make sure to change your passwords on a regular basis:

As your passwords may be hacked if a website which you frequent has their users’ details hacked, it’s a great idea to change your passwords to each site that you’re required to log into on a regular basis. Also avoid saving your passwords in a document, which could be compromised.

Don’t use the same password for each site which you’re required to log into:

Also make sure to avoid using the same password in conjunction with multiple websites. As while it may be a little inconvenient to remember different passwords for each website that you log into, if one of your passwords becomes compromised you won’t have to worry about your other accounts such as your bank accounts getting hacked.

Use a VPN to access the internet:

One extra security measure which you can take to prevent being hacked and your personal details becoming compromised is to use a VPN service to access the internet. Especially if you frequently access the internet when you’re out and about and often use unsecured internet connections or free internet connections to access the internet.

Don’t allow your computer to store cookies:

If you’d like to protect your privacy when you’re browsing the internet, enter your internet settings in order to uncheck the box which gives websites the permission to access your computer’s cookies. As there is no reason why a website should have access to your cookies. In fact, the key reason why many websites will try and access your cookies is so that they can sell your information to marketing firms without your permission.

Purchase security software from a traditional brick and mortar tech store:

In order to avoid mistakingly downloading spyware masquerading as anti virus software, it’s a far safer idea to purchase security software from a brick and mortar tech store, than to purchase security software online. As even if you open up a code to download security software from the box which you purchase, you’ll be able to trust that the link that you have been given to download your software from will be a safe, legitimate link.

Use Google Documents instead of Microsoft Word:

If you’d like to be able to access all of the documents which you’re working on from any computer, it’s a wise idea to use Google Documents instead of Microsoft Word. As you’ll be able to access, edit and share all of your documents by signing into your Google account on any computer, smart phone or tablet. Which can be extremely handy. Especially if you work on multiple computers such as a work PC and a laptop. Or if you often work on group projects and need to securely send your documents to other individuals.

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few handy PC tips that will help you stay safe online and which will help you make the most out of your laptop or computer.

Gaming Tips for Newbies

If you’re relatively new to the world of gaming and are looking for some sneaky tips that will help you become a better skilled gamer in a short period of time, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few gaming tips which are designed specifically for newbies.

Gaming Tips for Newbies:

Watch more experienced gamers stream your favorite games:

One way to increase your gaming skills is to spend a bit of time watching professional gamers stream footage of themselves playing your favorite games. As you’ll soon discover helpful tips and tricks, which you’ll be able to use to level up faster and to beat difficult levels of your favorite games. You may even discover strategies which will help you beat other players in online multiplayer games.

Work on your skills playing single player campaign modes before you take on real life opponents:

If you’re relatively new to the world of gaming it’s a great idea to practice your skills by playing the single player campaign mode of each game which you buy, before attempting to take on real life opponents. Many of whom may have spent hundreds of hours playing the game, which you’ve just purchased.

Find a gaming niche which you enjoy:

One way to quickly improve as a gamer is to pick a gaming genre which you enjoy. As an example you may find that you prefer playing first person shooters, online RPGs, open world games or racing games. Once you’ve found a gaming genre which you love, you’ll be able to work on picking up the specific skills which you’ll need to become a skilled player. Especially if you like the idea of playing online multiplayer titles.

Don’t be afraid to look up online walkthroughs:

If you find yourself spending over an hour on a single level which you can’t seem to beat, stop what you’re doing and look for an online walkthrough. Which should tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’ll need to do in order to successfully beat the level or stage which you’re currently stuck on. As life is far too short to spend over an hour on a single level of a game.

Ask your friends for tips:

If you have friends who are also into gaming, it’s a great idea to swap tips for each of the games which you play. As you may be surprised at how many tips and tricks your friends may have picked up, which you may find useful. You may even find that you’ve picked up a few helpful tips which your friends may find useful.

Play co-op games with friends who are more experienced games:

If some of your friends have been gaming for half of their lives, ask them to play a few multiplayer co-op games with you, so that they’ll be able to teach you a few strategies and techniques, which you may find useful. As the best way to become a better gamer is to play games with more experienced gamers.

So if you haven’t been gaming for half of your life, it’s definitely not too late to become a competitive gamer. Simply use some of the gaming tips listed above in order to start increasing your skill level as a gamer.

Invaluable Business Tech Tips

As tech is extremely important if you want to run a successful, viable business, it’s well worth finding new, innovative ways to use tech to help your business grow from strength to strength.

Invaluable Business Tech Tips:

Use chatbots to your advantage:

As it’s important for your customers to be able to find the information which they’re looking for on your website straight away, it’s a great idea to place a chatbot on your website’s homepage. So that your customers will be able to find instant answers to commonly asked questions which you can program your chatbot to answer. If your chatbot is unable to answer your customers questions to their satisfaction you can also program your chatbot to help your customers get in touch with a member of your business’ support team.

Make sure that all of your business’ social media channels are updated on a daily basis:

As your business grows in popularity, you’ll start to find that an increasing number of your business’ customers may ask your business questions via your social media platforms. Which is why it’s crucial for a member of your business to check and update all of your business’ social media channels on a daily basis. So that none of your customers or followers questions go answered.

Consider hiring a dedicated social media manager:

If your business currently doesn’t employ a dedicated social media manager, it may be worth hiring a part time or full time social media manager who’ll be able to increase your brand’s engagement levels with your followers. As you can use your business’ social media accounts to drive traffic to your website and to accumulate new customers, most social media managers are well worth their salaries or wages.

If you’ve never hired a social media manager you may want to experiment with hiring a part time social media manager to see whether they are able to increase traffic to your website within a short trial period. Alternatively you may want to consider hiring an intern who is currently studying marketing to work as your part time social media manager.

Make sure that your business’ online store offers multiple payment methods:

While the vast majority of your customers will use a credit card or a debit card in order to pay for their purchases, you’ll be able to increase your sales if you also offer payment methods such as Paypal and Apple Pay. As there is a growing trend for online consumers to pay with more secure forms of payment than credit cards. Especially if they would like to protect their private details.

Make sure that any information which your customers provide your business with stays private:

When customers make purchases through your website they’ll give you personal information such as their address and their phone numbers. In some instances your customers may even sign into a personal account on your website, which features a sensitive password which they may use for their online banking. As a result it’s imperative to ensure that you have adequate safety precautions put in place to protect the personal data of all of your customers.

So if you love the idea of harnessing the power of technology in order to help your business grow from strength to strength, it’s definitely a wise idea to test out a few of the invaluable tech tips which are listed above.

The Top Gadgets To Travel With

To discover a few ways that innovative gadgets can help you make the most out of your trips, simply continue reading to discover a list of some of the top gadgets to travel with. All of which are well worth packing into your suitcase.

The top gadgets to travel with:

A waterproof action camera:

If you enjoy being active on your vacations and frequently spend your trips taking part in adventurous activities such as surfing, sailing, snorkelling, snowboarding and mountain biking, it’s well worth investing in a high quality, durable action camera such as a Go Pro. As you’ll be able to record all of your adventures in high definition videos. Which you’ll then be able to share with your friends and family members back home. Just be sure to purchase a waterproof model that you’ll be able to use when you’re at the beach.

A travel drone:

If you’d love to take stunning footage of some of the beautiful locations which you plan on traveling to, it’s also a great idea to purchase a portable travel drone. Which you’ll be able to use to get a bird’s eye view of your favorite locations around the world. Some drones will even allow you to fly your drone up to 5 miles away from your location.

A waterproof Kindle device:

While you could read ebooks on your smart phone, most modern day Kindles can be used for a week without needing to be recharged. So you’ll be able to read digital books when you’re sitting at an airport terminal or embarking on a train journey from one city to another, without having to worry about wasting your smart phone’s battery. Especially as you may rely on your smart phone to check into your hotel and to book your activities and excursions.

Noise cancelling headphones:

If you want to be able to sleep properly when you’re on long haul flight, you may want to invest in a pair of high quality, noise cancelling headphones. When you’re shopping for a pair of noise cancelling headphones try to find a pair which folds up into a small travel sized case. As it can be cumbersome traveling with a pair of headphones which don’t fold up.

A travel vacuum:

A travel vacuum is a small portable device which removes the air inside your suitcase in order to shrink your clothes to half of their original size. Which will allow you to pack extra items such as any souvenirs which you may have picked up, in your suitcase.

A water bottle which purifies your water:

As there may be destinations which you travel to which may not offer safe drinking water and where bottled water may be hard to acquire, it’s a great idea to travel with a water bottle which is capable of purifying your water. Especially if you enjoy exploring the great outdoors and taking part in activities such as hiking and camping, where you may want to purify water from a river or stream which you come across.

A portable power bank:

In order to ensure that your smart phone never runs out of battery on your trips, it’s a wise idea to purchase a portable power bank. Which will allow you to charge your smart phone on the go.

So if in the process of planning your next international adventure, it’s a great idea to try and track down some of the great gadgets which are listed above.