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Castle Creeps TD was created and published by the giant gaming company” Outpay Entertainment Ltd” and the game is available to download and start playing on both platforms Android and IOS.

Enter a new tower defense game with an amazing storyline, defend your kingdom from the continuous attacks of orcs, goblins and other evil creatures. Start constructing towers and cannons in order to eliminate them before they reach your heart and deal lethal damage to you which could be the end if your lifetime.

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Lead The Kingdom Forces to Eliminate the Goblins Threat!

Hey commander, this is General High crest, and these Creeps are savages. Where did they get these explosive? Alright you have been promoted now to be able to face the dangerous threat that is coming upon your head, someone has to stop the goblins from attack. Let’s hope you are up to the challenge and got some plans up in your sleeves to face the goblins, get yourself prepared with the enough gems to be able to purchase the necessary upgrades and construct a solid defending system to whitened the continuous attacks, which we will be covering with details here in our Castle Creeps TD guide. However, The Castle Creeps TD Free Gems can be obtained easily by using Castle Creeps TD Hack for free, and it is totally trusted and guaranteed.

Keep An Eye On You HP During The Battles!

Protecting your base and stopping the waves from reach the end of the route is simply your target, and there are many several ways to stop them from completing their journey successfully, you need to put up some plans and strict strategies plus some several plans in case one has failed you will not lose the whole challenge, so keep them from getting through or you will be losing lives, later on this article we shall be giving you overview of the Castle Creeps TD Hack user interface and how to deal with different game options you will get to see, but right now let us give you some Castle Creeps TD tips to insure you making it successfully at least at the first game stages of the game so you would learn how things work out and proceed further in no time, at first the gems is your deal to being any plan of progressing and becoming stronger at this game, Check our website and forum in Brawl Stars Hack as well.

So looking for gems through Castle Creeps TD Hack seems to be a wise idea which I totally recommend, even though there are some other ways but they are super hard and will not pay off the effort you going to spend to get the same amount of gems, So Here is below some tutorial for how to use Castle Creeps TD Hack properly with no bugs.


Simple and Well Designed UI, Read Castle Creeps TD Guide For Further Details!

Here is a quick view over the game User interface to help beginners to understand what they are dealing with at the first glance of the game so far, but as a quick information for our readers, you should be preparing your arms, so we recommend that using Castle Creeps TD Cheats shall help you with your journey of becoming stronger in no time, and now let’s go to the Castle Creeps TD Hack UI, Read well that Castle Creeps TD Guide will hit your purpose: Shadow Fight 3 Hack!

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  • The first thing we got here is the lives counter, which should be your main concern all over the battle period, each monster will pass through the defenses will cause you to lose 1 point from the lives numbers, you can simply upgrade it and become stronger to be able to last for longer periods and stay alive against stronger attacks so far, you will be needing Castle Creeps TD Free Gems for such an upgrade, you could get Castle Creeps TD cheats for such a purpose without having to worry about anything else. The counter is located at the top left corner of the screen alongside 2 extra icons next to it.
  • The Second icon is the elixir, each monster you will be killing, will earn you a certain amount of elixirs, and of course it depends on the monster power and rate, the higher the rate and power is means extra elixir will come successfully to your pocket over here, these elixirs can be used to apply upgrades and extra development into your base, and you can simply switch from the gems form to elixir one, and that is what Castle Creeps TD Hack provides its users with.

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Castle Creeps TD Cheats

Castle Creeps TD Cheats & Generate Unlimited Free Gems

Upgrade And Construct Defensive Objects Using The Gems Generated From Castle Creeps TD Hack!

Now let’s go with the defensive options you have their alongside with mentioning all the pros and cons of each defensive tower you will be building in this game, but before going to the towers description, you should be figuring out a way to know how you going to afford establishing your defensive system, gems can be found with insane amounts at Castle Creeps TD Hack, so you better use it as soon as possible before it is too late and the goblins are passing through your defenses and deal severe damage to your heart already, and now  shall we start with covering the defensive options you will get to choose from in the game?

  • Bow I: this tower can actually hit both units the flying and ground ones, has a very fast attacking speed like no matter how many are incoming at you, this tower will hit them all, and the main powering damage it has, is against the Magical armor units, so if there is a witch or a sorcerer want to go through, these towers will handle such an effort and take it down successfully in no time. But here are the cons of the bow towers, they are very very weak against the physical armor units, like these arrows are not strong enough to be able to penetrate the physical armors, we do not recommend to use them at the different stages of the game, and now with the last conclusion, lets listen to the story behind the Gold-leaf Elves” they are known for their quick wits and quicker arrows, if it is not wearing armor it will not survive long against their sharp attacks”, put on mind that Castle Creeps Cheats is going to accomplish you the mission of getting gems to be able to Upgrade this tower to its maximum level.
  • Infantry Tower: this can be used as a staller to the enemy’s units to buy your towers enough time to be able to eliminate the enemy units successfully before they reach their destination, now we will be talking about the pros of the infantry tower: it can stop ground units successfully and block them while towers are finishing them off, they have light armor which gives them fast speed so they can be relocating from spot to another swiftly without even being noticed, and they are super strong against Magical armors same as the bow towers, but their damage is low like really low against physical fighters with physical armors, and now let’s go with the story of these infantry men” the finest dwarf warriors take position on the battlefield to stop enemies in their tracks no matter how big was the sacrifice is”. Press on the flag logo at the several empty camps alongside the track and choose the infantry tower from the given options to construct successfully, and stick to Castle Creeps TD since you can upgrade the infantry tower to produce supreme soldiers to stall enemies for even longer periods.
  • Cannon: it can hit only the ground units, has very slow attack speed until hitting and reloading so make sure your infantry men are delaying the enemies as much as possible, but the main pro of such a building that it can deal massive attack with wide range of area, so hitting a group of enemies is becoming a piece of cake with this cannon, and if you are facing an opponent with a fortified armor or very strong one, make sure you getting him this cannon upgraded to its maximum level to ensure that the battle will not last for long. “Dragon cross Engineers have helped develop powerful artillery gear at dealing damage over a large Area” that’s what Rena Said about this Defensive Object, get Castle Creeps TD Hack to be able to have enough gems and funds to purchase these upgrades and establish the towers all across the road.

Take The Fight To Their Front Door, And Get Equipped With Our Castle Creeps TD Tips!

The scouts have reported a particularly large pack of goblins headed this way. Fortunately you have got some help coming on its way, and this help is consisting of an introduction to your hero who is going to be part of your army which you will be able to start every battle with, his name is “Lance” he has heavy armor which means slow movement speed but strong defense against incoming attacks and can last for longer periods at the battles, his damage output is fairly medium, but still counted as big since he is just a one person, and with Castle Creeps TD Cheats, he should become much stronger than ever due to the upgrades you going to add to him with the received gems, but what actually defines him , that he is a Melee bruiser hero, he can go with all the shouts and roar to eliminate out an entire group of goblins on his own with his unique special skill “Ground Smash” he smashes the ground around him alongside a stun to the enemy units followed by a serve damage applied to all of them, use this skill with caution you do not over use it. Wielding the mighty Dragonmourne and cheerfully eschewing shields. Lance is always the first into thick of a fight. He can get levels and start upgrading to become stronger over time, and since he is the protector of the Dragon cross, you should be knowing already that he has fought Creeps than anyone else alive, and he is always happy to chop some goblins at the breakfast. Spend the gems that can be found at Castle Creeps TD cheats to upgrade him and help him to become stronger in less time.

Castle Creeps TD Free Gems

Castle Creeps TD Free Gems - Ride Your Way For The Victory

Follow Up a Decent Storyline.

As you successfully completed the given mission, the rating will be 1 to 3 stars, so make sure you are getting each mission the full star’s mark with the help of Castle Creeps TD cheats everything could be possible, and now I can see that I was right about your potential of becoming the now goblins fighter, but now there is a large force near Dragon cross. You should be heading there to handle it with the help of lance. Now let’s move on to cover extra game information that could be used successfully to make things clear. There are several types of unique monsters on the other side waiting to jump over you take you over, and as you have got lance the protector of the realm, they have their own special heroes, The Raider is a great example of what we are speaking of, here is a quick overview of him. “Orc raiders are sullen and selfish. Pillaging all the towns they come across. I have seen them burn down a tavern once. There is not a shred of decency among them” so make sure you are taking them out as fast as possible because such creatures do not deserve to live any longer, and of course with Castle Creeps TD Free Gems you will be finding probably at Castle Creeps TD cheats, all them upgrades and powers hall be on your side.

Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer!

Before any battle you will be entering, make sure you are checking the Creeps book to define which strategy you will be taking and understand the enemy strength and weakness points. And now let’s move to the second stage of the game, it is where you go outside of your own base and start fighting orcs, you can see at the game battle UI the lane highlighted to explain exactly where the incoming attacking waves will be moving through, and at the edge of the screen the red circle, with one click over it, you shall be knowing whom is coming and their numbers, and if you think you are ready to fight them using the Castle Creeps TD cheats to Free Gems,  and do not wait for the countdown timer, double dap upon it and let the battle begin!

Be aware of the incoming attacks throughout the different stages of the game, because at some part of the game you could be encountering the Making Goblin Hero, that is vulnerable to all the towers and here is the little story behind him “the small and mischievous goblins are always found in packs, they are not attacking us, their common hobbies include stealing and laughing at the misfortune of the others” in order to take such a vicious monster out, you need to start thinking out of the box and construct a Cannon, since they are good for thinning out large groups and letting your troops focus more on the heavy hitters, but keep in mind that cannons mostly cost the most, so we using Castle Creeps TD hack would be providing you with the missing puzzle piece.